Holistic Health Counseling

Holistic HealthThe term “holistic” is defined as “emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.” If one part is neglected, the whole cannot exist. A true holistic perspective on life brings together both nutrition and other essential forms of nourishment, including honest and open relationships, a meaningful spiritual practice, a career that inspires you, and physical activity that you enjoy.

Holistic Health Counseling uses a variety of means to help you understand and embrace the ongoing process of building total health and achieving balance on all levels. Each person is uniquely “sculpted” by a variety of experiences of the body, the emotions, the intellect, and the spirit, and thus benefits from a “personalized” approach to health. Let your journey begin now!
Attention is given to:

Nutritional balance
Optimum food combinations
Avoidance and elimination of toxins
Adequate rest and rejuvenation
Reduction of stress and tension
Appropriate exercise
Energy Exercises
Awareness of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and goals
Cultivating inner peace
Energy healing methods

*This program offers natural and holistic health information for our client’s benefit and is not intended to be diagnostic.

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